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Company history

Family craft “Plastilak electronic” was founded back in 1982 by Franjo Kuzmić as the founder and owner.

The craft had its initial activity as antenna and electronics equipment manufacturer and for years produced antenna systems that were mounted on buildings of National Defense, municipalities, police and other important institutions. Over time, we expanded our business to manufacturing, coloring and silk-screen printing of electronics boxes and so we cooperated with all major electronics manufacturers in the former Yugoslavia.

In the 1990s we gave up wet painting and introduced electrostatic coating, which is still known today for its quality, both from domestic and foreign partners. With the construction of the hall in 2004, we expanded our activity to the production of metal chairs and tables for catering, as well as various metal structures.

Our further development occurred when we began to work with the american company Emerson on the production of equipment and data center mounting, and thus formed a mobile team that provides mounting services worldwide.

We are especially proud to have participated in the production of parts and mounting of the largest data center in Europe, the Facebook Data Center in Sweden’s Lapland (Luleä). After that we participated in many projects in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Netherlands, Germany…

We employ a variety of certified experts from mechanical engineers, certified welders, electricians, installers of all types and we also have a certified drywall installation team (knauf system).

Since the younger generation of the Kuzmić family took over the management of the craft, our craft has a future and we are rapidly investing in further growth and development.


Quality assurance
Numerous courses and trainings to which we send our employees, certificates and diplomas that we have are our guarantee of quality. We are most proud of our large and small projects, which are a reflection of our work and our recognition. We are recognized by our customers as a company that provides the highest quality of service and products, and thus we are the only certificated powder coating company in Croatia for coated parts for company BOBST.
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